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Board for Agile and Scrum retrospectives

Save time while using SpeedBoard for your Sprint retrospectives, an easy and free tool to create amazing boards to share among your team.

Board for Agile and Scrum retrospectives

Benefits of SpeedBoard

Enjoy all the features of SpeedBoard, designed to help your team coolaborate in the best conditions.

Create cards

Add your cards to your board, move them in the right column.

Real time

See all users activity of your board in real time, no delay.

Promote cards

Give claps to the best cards to promote them in the board.

Easy sorting

Sort your board by claps or date for a better overview of your board.

Easy export

Export your board in your favorite format: CSV, Markdown or text.

Easy sharing

Sharing a board is easy, anyone can join and start collaborating.

Free support

Get free support by email to learn how to use it or to report an issue.

Completely Free

SpeedBoard is free, unlimited boards and users, no hidden costs.

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